Moon Calendar (Lunar Calendar)

Moon Calendar (Lunar Calendar)

Moon Calendar (Lunar Calendar)

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13 Moon Calendar and It's Importance

Cradles of Civilization - The Lunar/Solar Calendar l Lessons of Dr. David Neiman

Living in harmony with the moon phases!

This never ending lunar calendar shows the moon's effects on ancient knowledge and help you with the most important information in everyday life.

In addition to the zodiac, the moon phase and date/time of next new- fullmoon and the element can you find the information on health, hygiene and gardeningon at a glanc in the simply designed user interface. Selecting one of the icons to open up further details.

New with a searching function, which allows you to search for a specific characteristic e.g. best date to cut hair.

Also available for Windows Phone:

Bugfix: Search function on samsung s6 edge+